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Stay Motivated Students!

For those of you who have recently started school, here is a word of advice! Stay positive throughout the whole experience, regardless of how much work you have to do! Know that all of your hard work will pay off! Every day wake up being grateful for the education you are fortunate to have. Also, think of your motivations! Remind yourself why you are in school and what the end result will be! Acknowledge your strengths & know that you are capable of doing great this year! Awesome job to all the students out there! Keep smiling & keep your head up high because you are getting closer & closer to your dream!

2013 Promise!

A promise is a declaration assuring that one will do or not do a specific thing. It is your time to make a promise. This promise is neither directed towards your family nor your friends, it is for you! This year you deserve to have feelings of happiness, excitement, confidence, and most importantly, LOVE! Just as you would make a promise to a partner to stay loyal, you must make a pledge to stay committed and devoted to bettering yourself. […] read more

As You Grow, Your Paper Will Crumple

When you are born, you are freshly brand new. Imagine yourself like a piece of paper. At the beginning of your life, the paper is straight and perfectly even. Through life you will experience things that will excite you, crush you, hurt you, and heal you. As you grow, you will experience more and your journey will become more intense, therefore your paper will crumple. But that’s okay! Just know that no matter how many times you try flattening it out, […] read more

Hurt & Healing

We have all been hurt, some of us are still hurting, and others are healing. We cannot avoid the feelings we experience. We are human beings, which means we come with many feelings that must be acknowledged. Some of the hardest feelings to deal with are feelings of hurt, anger, resentment, irritation, hate, guilt, fear, worry, disappointment, and rejection. No matter how strong your negative feelings affect you, there is always a way to heal. Some times what we experience […] read more

Be You. Why Change Perfection?

What do you love to do? I love to be me!

I enjoy my life because I surround myself around the people I love, I do what I love to do, and most importantly I love myself. So many people spend their whole life trying to impress other people. Other people spend their time trying to be someone they’re not. Something we must all realize is that we were put on this earth to shine. Individually, we all shine in our […] read more

Stop Shutting the Door

I have dreams that I go after every single day I live on this Earth. In order for me to achieve those dreams, I have to open the door that knocks often. Another words, I must be ready for whatever happens. If the weather is cold, I put on a jacket; whereas, if the weather is hot, I put on some shorts. In any situation you must be excited to fail and even more eager to achieve. When I fail, […] read more

Best Friends

In life we can choose to behave in one of two ways. We can be positive and live a life of fulfillment or we can choose to be victims and live a life of complaint and negativity. I personally choose the life that makes me happiest. In order for me to be happy, I surround myself around people who make me feel good. I love being around the people who bring out the absolute best in me, the people who […] read more

Love Through Thick & Thin

It starts with an idea, turns into a goal, becomes a motivation, grows into a dream, blossoms into reality, and manifests into love. This is how I believe Don and Hazel Beck found each other. I met Don and Hazel in 2004 and found myself in awe. I had never seen such a strong connection in a relationship before and was ready to hear their story and get to know them as not only a married couple, but as inspirational […] read more

What do you want out of your life?

What do you want out of your life? This is always a fun question to ask because I enjoy hearing and seeing peoples’ responses. When I ask people this question a lot of them get excited and tell me they are in search for their soul mate and have the biggest smile on their face. There are also people who tell me about their dream job and if they had that job their life would be complete. Something I always […] read more

Welcome to a better life!

To the person who wants to improve their life,

You are at the right place! I am so excited about this website because it is where you can go to better your life. Life is about self discovery and continuously improving yourself, being the absolute best you can be! Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living”. Do you agree with Socrates statement? In some way, you do. I say this because, the reason you are at ginamazzetti.com is […] read more