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The Importance of Experience

The English idiom “don’t judge a book by its cover” has a lot of truth to it. This metaphorical phrase means that no one should ever judge the worth or importance of something by the way it looks. Use this saying as a helpful tool in life. There are so many opportunities that people pass up on because they were too afraid of taking a risk. Too many people focus on the appearance of something, rather than getting to know someone or something. When you meet people, look at their inner beauty and personality. When you hear about something, don’t assume that rumors are correct, give it a try! Love something because you have a passion for it, not because everyone else tells you to love it! Disagree with something because you believe otherwise, not because people tell you it’s wrong! Judge something based off of experience and be proud of yourself for taking a risk & giving it a try! Next time you feel like you know something based off of what you’ve heard or seen; rather than assuming things, experience it!