Hire Me To Speak

Book Gina to speak at your school, organization, or event!

Who is an appropriate audience?

  • Individuals with Dyslexia and/or seeking Motivational Encouragement
  • Parents/Grandparents/Relatives of Dyslexics and/or those seeking Motivational Encouragement
  • Friends of Dyslexics and/or of those seeking Motivational Encouragement
  • Managers who employ Dyslexics and/or are seeking to provide Motivational Encouragement
  • Anyone curious about Dyslexia or Motivational Encouragement
  • You!

What can Gina do at my event?

Dyslexia Focus// As a dyslexic herself, Gina can:

  • Teach individuals with dyslexia how to manage their time effectively and efficiently through various methods and models
  • Teach individuals with how to build confidence in the workplace by communicating their dyslexia to managers and colleagues
  • Teach dyslexic individuals how to accommodate themselves in school to teachers and classmates
  • Teach individuals how to communicate their dyslexia to their partners and friends
  • Help navigate work place challenges by introducing dyslexia friendly methods via
    and the workplace
  • Discuss her book, “A Shout-Out for Dyslexics: The Emotional Side” with parents, teachers, and parents

Motivational Focus// As a Certified Personal Life Coach, Gina can:

  • Teach individuals the power of their mindset
  • Teach individuals how to acknowledge their feelings and translate them in a more positive and productive way
  • Teach individuals strategies for healing from past and current pains
  • Teach individuals how to channel their everyday challenges into positive and breakthrough opportunities

Don’t see something you like? Gina can tailor her speech or working session to accommodate your needs. Contact Gina for a consultation! 

What can I expect from Gina for my event preparation?

  • A pre-event conference call to plan your event. Gina can customize her talks specifically to your group and topic
  • Punctuality, positivity and openness. Gina will be on-time early to your event with her great attitude and will be open to answer any questions you or the audience has for her
  • Publicity. If your event is public, Gina will help promote it via her website and social media to help get the word out


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