“Gina Mazzetti is a gifted communicator and passionate about her cause to raise awareness for individuals with disabilities. My students and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being a part of her show. Gina has also participated in our annual awards ceremony, contributing her professional expertise to our events in a variety of ways.” 

Rachel Zabaneh


“The highlight of the evening was a heartwarming speech given by Gina Mazzetti, a former student of the Childhood Language Center. Gina is now attending San Francisco State. She spoke about the struggle of dyslexia and the joy of learning to manage her life, and reading skills, with the help she received from the San Francisco and Burlingame Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center. Gina described the emotional suffering she endured when people made assumptions about her intelligence based on her reading disorder – both voiced by her peers, some teachers and her basketball coach! She described the wonderful support she received during those trying times from her family, especially her grandmother (who attended the dinner with Gina) and the staff at our Language Center. Before the evening was over, several members were referring to her as ‘Our Gina.’ I felt the same sense of pride in her successful accomplishments. She is definitely inspiring.”

Glenna Milleman