My “aha moment” about dyslexia

10366241_447013232102549_4500044958125334254_nJune 22, 2014

Tonight I will go to bed feeling incredibly pleased, as I feel a huge sense of fulfillment and relief. Feeling I have faced my biggest fears, I can rest happy. Perhaps I will wake up and plan to achieve such sensation all over again. Being dyslexic, I have constantly feared people hearing the way I talk, as well as reading the way I write. Will they judge me? Do I sound dumb? I hope I sound articulate! Speaking to a room filled with encouragement, love, and the utmost respect. Seeing people nod their heads; showing signs of appreciation. I am grateful. Ahh, my first book signing has passed. I was present, focused, and determined to get my message across. Although this task by face value may appear simple, it was complex but rather exciting. I spoke to the crowd of familiar and unfamiliar faces, making them aware of what people like us go through on a daily basis. People who understand differently, those of us who sincerely learn in a unique and extraordinary way, dyslexics! Today, I gave a shout-out to those like myself who have struggled – yet preserved, been laughed at – yet found reasons to smile, been diagnosed yet fulfilled their purpose and been a promising part of society. Today I was vulnerable as I took the mask off and provided my true and genuine thoughts. Dyslexic or not, each of us must allow ourselves to confide in a friend if we are hurting, face our fears, and smile if we are content. Today, as Oprah calls it, I had an “aha moment” – seeing my sister cheer me on from a few feet away, my best friend intrigued, and my mother clapping. Why do we focus on those who have hurt us, why do we dwell on adversity we have faced, when blessings are floating around us like the air we breathe. Dyslexics, you may take extra time to read a paragraph or two and you may get frustrated; but, turn to your support system and be grateful, as that is why I am so pleased.



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