What is Life Coaching? A Certified Coach provides assistance and motivation for those seeking improvement in reaching personal and professional goals. By asking the appropriate and essential questions, they establish their clients’ goals, as well as support them in creating a plan to attain them. Encouraging their clients to step outside of their comfort zone, push beyond their limits, remove roadblocks, and procrastination, a life coach will be by the client’s side every step of the way.

Why Gina? If you feed off of encouragement, want to get fired up to achieve personal goals, and are looking for someone to provide insight and genuine assistance, contact Gina to either book your first session or to see if her coaching is something you would be interested in! Gina is committed and dedicated to encourage you to be your highest self and to bring you to the next level.

Skye Phillips Life Coaching Client

Skye Phillips

“Gina encouraged me to organize my emotions, goals and thoughts…now I finally understand all that I’ve been feeling!”

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Dora Owuor Coaching Client

Dora Owuor

“Gina provided me with a safe environment that was very comfortable and relaxing. She was professional, prepared, and answered every one of my questions.

She was also very real. Gina made sure we stayed on track every time we were distracted. She held us accountable for our words and  made us realize what we are capable of. Every time one of us would say “I don’t know” she would stop us and say “You do know.”  

Her words led me to think about my own way of thinking. I really liked when she explained that everything wasn’t going to happen overnight, rather that it would take time and ups and downs before finally reaching our goals. Gina made me more confident in my life and in planning my short and long term goals.”