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Feelings of Fulfillment

jtjtI have found much fulfillment this summer, as I have been giving several motivational   speeches and performing workshops on the topic of dyslexia. The last seminar in particular is something that really resonated with me; at an event I called “Positive, Productive, & Dyslexic.” There, I discussed efficient and structured ways those with learning disabilities can effectively manage their time. Additionally, I touched on ways children and adults can discover if they are spiritually utilizing their time doing the things they love in life. I asked a few valuable questions, that I welcome you to ask yourself.

What do I love?

What do I focus on?

What do I invest my valuable time doing?

I asked if the answers to the above questions aligned with one another. For example, if a person loves painting, focuses on cars, and invests their time doing something of the total opposite – then are they truly spending their time doing the things that make them happiest?

I posed this question because I believe the answers should align, as we ought to invest our precious time doing the things we ultimately love. Perhaps answering these questions will provide the motivation to begin prioritizing one’s time in a way that would make them most satisfied.

Those who attended this workshop provided me great insight on some of the things they enjoy spending their time doing; whether that was walking their dog, attending a yoga class, or furthering their career in the workplace. I want to give a shout-out to those who attended the workshop, as they were thoughtful, kind, and fully engaged. It truly felt as if each person who attended was a part of a support system, as questions were asked, connections were made, and emotions were unleashed. Additionally, I would like to invite you (dyslexic or not) to my next event, “Set Yourself Up for Success” on Sunday, August 3rd at Florey’s Book Co., in Pacifica, CA. There, I will present my road to accomplishment despite the struggles I faced in growing up with a learning disability. I will also be speaking about the power of one’s mindset, as well as discuss strategies for healing from past and current pains. I hope to see you there & would like to thank you all for the support you have provided me by simply reading this post. Please pass on to any one you think may enjoy the inspiration!




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