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What is Gina’s hope that readers will find in her book?
“I trust if people are exposed to the emotional stories I present, they will be inspired to get tested for a learning disability, get their children tested, or to simply show random acts of kindness for those who struggle like myself. I trust readers will seek validation when reading the book that they are not alone in hardships of learning different than everyone else. I anticipate dyslexia to be a condition that all people are aware of and that all people respect.”


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Shout-outs from Gina’s Readers about her book!

“Shout-out to Gina for sharing her story and heart with us. I immediately connected with her story. This author courageously shares painful moments with us that makes her easy to relate to. As a fellow Dyslexic, I have my “Smartwater” story too. She offers practical advice on how to move past the pain and to live our best life. This book is good for parents, teachers and students. I highly recommend it.” – LD Coach, Cindy Lumpkin

“I had the opportunity to read A Shout-Out for Dyslexics and it was a good book to read about. I have a lot in common with Gina. I like playing basketball and I can relate to how hard it is to remember the plays.” – Student’s Perspective

“A must read for anyone who has or knows someone with dyslexia. Ms Mazzetti was able to portray how dyslexia impacts a person’s life on a very personal level. It opened my eyes how the prejudice and stigma of learning disabilities effects a person’s self esteem. Gina clearly has made her dyslexia an asset in her life. Her glass is definitely more than half full….. Hope Ms. Mazzetti has a sequel soon!!” Parent’s Perspective