Be You. Why Change Perfection?

What do you love to do? I love to be me!

I enjoy my life because I surround myself around the people I love, I do what I love to do, and most importantly I love myself. So many people spend their whole life trying to impress other people. Other people spend their time trying to be someone they’re not. Something we must all realize is that we were put on this earth to shine. Individually, we all shine in our own way. There is not one person who shines like someone else, and that is why life is so beautiful.

As an individual, you must learn to love yourself in every way possible. So many people focus on the relationships they have with their friends, families, or significant others. Whatever happened to perfecting the relationship you have with yourself?

I’ve said this before and I will say this again: Life is about self discovery and continuously improving yourself, being the absolute best you can be! When you embrace life and discover your potential, your life will seem so much better. People think that money and health will lead anyone to a happy life. The secret to having a life of fulfillment is having the ability to love yourself. When you love yourself, you are capable of loving other people. You are capable of not only giving a compliment, but receiving one as well. You are also capable of being proud of those who have success. Most importantly, you are capable of accepting the differences that you have compared to other people.

A life of jealousy is a life of self-hatred. A life of self-love is a life of fulfillment and happiness.

This week I challenge you to BE YOU. Embrace the hair you were given. Embrace the eyes you are so fortunate to have to read this blog. Embrace your height, your face, your ears, your beauty, and the beauty of others. Everyday look in the mirror and tell yourself “You are perfect, and I wouldn’t change a thing”.

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