As You Grow, Your Paper Will Crumple

When you are born, you are freshly brand new. Imagine yourself like a piece of paper. At the beginning of your life, the paper is straight and perfectly even. Through life you will experience things that will excite you, crush you, hurt you, and heal you. As you grow, you will experience more and your journey will become more intense, therefore your paper will crumple. But that’s okay! Just know that no matter how many times you try flattening it out, that crumple will remain the same. Things will impact your life for the better or for the worse. Regardless of what your situation is, life can still be amazing no matter how many times you’ve been hurt! Instead of dwelling on your past hurts & pains, focus on your recovery! How are you going to jump right back up again?! How are you going to conquer the pain you feel? The way you think will never be the same! What you once would settle for, you will never do again! Life will throw lessons to you, keep your head and chin up & be prepared!


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