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Gina Mazzetti motivates! In college, after being diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome, she took her pain and used it to launch her purpose – to help people. Bedridden, Gina self-published A Shout-Out for Dyslexics: The Emotional Side, became certified in life coaching, and started a speaking business. Now, she motivates over 30,000 people via social media and with her popular blog Gina’s Motivational Minute. She reaches 275,000 households with her television show Living Authentically. Through coaching her social media following and clients of all ages, Gina’s experience has positioned herself as a trusted resource for everyone from students to entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. Gina’s passion stems from being diagnosed with dyslexia and auditory processing disorder in the 3rd grade. Bullied as a child, she learned that all it takes to succeed and triumph in life is the proper mindset, support network, and drive. Gina has been featured in the San Jose Mercury News, the IEP Magazine, and will soon showcase her work on 96.5 KOIT.