Hurt & Healing

We have all been hurt, some of us are still hurting, and others are healing. We cannot avoid the feelings we experience. We are human beings, which means we come with many feelings that must be acknowledged. Some of the hardest feelings to deal with are feelings of hurt, anger, resentment, irritation, hate, guilt, fear, worry, disappointment, and rejection. No matter how strong your negative feelings affect you, there is always a way to heal. Some times what we experience can be so tragic that it leaves damage on our hearts. Other times we can feel so shattered, and feel like there is no way out, but later we find the opening. Regardless of how much your negative feelings are affecting you, you can pick up the pieces and build yourself back up again. If you were able to feel such strong negative emotions, you will be even more capable to feel positive feelings of love, gratitude, hope, satisfaction, enthusiasm, excitement, joy, and passion. A great way to start healing today is to write down what you feel and how you can change that negative feeling into a positive one. You can also work on starting your day better to help the healing process go smoothly. When you wake up in the morning, you have the power to control what you feel. You can go throughout your day complaining about how much money you owe, or you can work on finding ways to gain money and be excited to give back. You can go to work dreading how many hours you will spend on the clock, or you can embrace the job that you have and the company of your co workers. Look at all of the hurt that you are feeling and instead of dwelling on how much it has impacted your life negatively, realize that it has taught you so much! Just because you ended a relationship with someone you once loved, doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing! That relationship taught you how much you are capable of loving! You can benefit so much from people who have once hurt you! You can take out the good things you loved about them and attract it for your next relationship!  You can acknowledge the things you didn’t like in the relationship and make sure you find somebody who doesn’t have those traits as they do. Every day is a healing process! Every day you should acknowledge the feelings you have and find ways to accept what has gone on in your past. You can do it! In order to live in the present, you must accept the past and heal from the feelings you once had. Let go of all your anger and resentment and work towards living in the moment, enjoying the people around you, and loving yourself! That is what will heal you! The next time you say to yourself “Why me?!” say, “Thank you God for this experience, I have learned so much!”

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