2013 Promise!

A promise is a declaration assuring that one will do or not do a specific thing. It is your time to make a promise. This promise is neither directed towards your family nor your friends, it is for you! This year you deserve to have feelings of happiness, excitement, confidence, and most importantly, LOVE! Just as you would make a promise to a partner to stay loyal, you must make a pledge to stay committed and devoted to bettering yourself. It is easy to state a resolution, but difficult yet worthwhile to remain consistent in completing that resolution. This year my New Year’s resolution is to remain grateful! Willie Nelson once said, “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around”. Counting your blessings and embracing gratitude, are the most powerful and prevailing things one can do in order to enhance their life. Miraculous things will happen once gratitude is practiced!

That’s my oath for the year, what’s yours?

Think of something you have always wanted for your life. Think of something that will be life changing and beneficial for you! I am not talking about getting a Mercedes or winning the lottery, rather I am talking about a special goal of yours that comes from within. So many people want to feel worthy, special, or even beautiful, but fail to do so because they have limited themselves from such feelings. Know that you are an extraordinary person who is more than valuable enough to live the life that you have always dreamed of!

Promises you can make to yourself can include:

Complementing yourself daily to improve confidence, doing things in moderation to have more of a balance to life, stepping out of your comfort zone to dance with your fears rather than hiding from then, replace the “I can’t” with “I can & I will”, or break a bad habit & create a good one!

It is now time to let go of all the negativity you have felt in 2012 & move forward to 2013! Comment here & share the promise you are making to yourself this year!

Stay Motivated!

Gina Mazzetti



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